Richardson Medical Center Emergency Room Continues Quality Improvement

Richardson Medical Center recently announced that all of its Emergency Room nurses completed the "Trauma Nursing Core Course."

This course is 30 hours of textbook preparation, followed by 20 hours of intense hands-on classroom study designed to increase a nurse's knowledge and psychomotor skills related to patient trauma. The course was led by trauma nurses from LSU Medical Center in Shreveport. The two day course featured simulated trauma patient situations which included airway and ventilation interventions, spinal immobilization, chest trauma, head trauma, shock, traction, splinting and many other clinical trauma situations typically seen in an emergency room.

Another essential purpose of the course was to improve the assessment, intervention, and evaluation skills of the nurses. Richardson Medical Center Emergency Room nurses have been prepared as a team to use a systematic standardized approach to the care of the injured trauma patient. This type of education is extremely valuable to our patients and to this community. Richardson Medical Center's ER has become a leading rural Emergency destination as it is the only rural hospital in north Louisiana that combines excellent trauma care, 24 hour ER physician coverage, 24 hour X-Ray, CT and MRI as well as a Surgeon and Cardiologist on call.